Man Allows the Internet to Ask Him Questions About His Penis Implant

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If this isn't the pinnacle of modern day science then we're not sure what is. In an act of fearlessness Reddit User, Titantool, opened the floor to any and all questions that internet users might have about life with a penis implant.

He was involved in a near-fatal accident five years ago, in which he sustained many broken bones, and also a back injury that caused partial paralysis. He can now walk a little, but still has partial paralysis, which includes bowel, bladder, and sexual function.

Thanks to modern medical innovation and a very talented surgeon, he can now inflate a full erection.

The penis implant looks like this:

The images shared are NSFW, you can check 'em out here:

One of the more colorful questions asked was whether the testicle that's a plastic ball, feels like a plastic ball?

He answered:

She says it feels weird. I agree. It took me quite a while to get over that feeling of a third ball in my scrotum. It's avery unique feeling to it. It has texture so you can hang on to it better when inflating.

'It's firm but squishy though and not hollow feeling. It only feels hard when the tubes are full of saline and you can't squeeze anymore in there.

Of course some folks had to know whether he gained, or rather lost any length in the process. He answered candidly as usual, writing that he lost a little length and now measures in at five inches.

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