I Can Has Cheezburger?

Just Days After Patrick Stewart And His Wife Announced Their New Foster Dog To The World, He Sadly Passed Away

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    "He’s got eye boogies and nose boogies but we’re fixin’ him up and I couldn’t be more in love."

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    Lenny in the hospital

    "Our sweet senior foster gentleman Leonard is in hospital, getting IV fluids and all the things he needs to support him through his illness...which we haven't quite figured out yet. Please don't volunteer advice or suggestions...he's getting the best professional medical care possible. He'll be back lounging on our couch as soon as he's ready...know we're doing everything for him! (I'm going to visit Lenny tomorrow and kiss his noggin so so much.)"

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    Lenny was deeply loved when he left this world. RIP Lenny..

    "It breaks my heart to have to share this news—we eased our sweet boy Lenny over the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. There's a reason folks use this euphemism…I didn't "put him down". I lifted him up out of his pain, I let him go, and I'll hold his sweet spirit in my heart. The angels at @wagsandwalks had only *just rescued Lenny from a high kill shelter about 8 days ago, and after having Lenny in our home for only 48hrs, Monday morning came and what everyone thought was just kennel cough was clearly something more serious. I rushed him to an excellent vet, who wasn't certain he needed to be hospitalized, but as Lenny hadn't eaten or drunk water that morning, I insisted on him being admitted and given IV fluids. Come Tuesday, pneumonia was diagnosed. 

    Yesterday, his condition worsened, and he was transferred to what is essentially a doggie intensive care unit. I won't detail all we did for him medically, but know that we threw every resource and compassionate intervention his way. The oxygen he was receiving wasn't meeting his needs, but additional concerns arose as well. There were signs of bowel obstruction, a heart murmur, and his blood pressure was haywire. In short, he was undergoing multi-system failure. If Lenny had lived the life he deserved, he may have been strong enough to endure pneumonia. But at ten years old, after a life of neglect, his body didn't have the resources to fight. Covered in thick callouses, and repeat fly strikes on his mutilated ears, it was clear Lenny had lived outside, probably on concrete…which would explain why he was so clearly delighted by anything soft. He was particularly partial to naps in Patrick's favorite chair, and I'll always remember him trotting happily towards it after his breakfast. 

    At about 4:30pm yesterday, Lenny's doctor called me to let me know he believed it was time to let our sweet pup go. Thanks to LA traffic, I arrived at the hospital at about 5:10. I got down on the floor of Lenny's space, and met his sweet old cataracts gaze. I kissed his big gorgeous mocha noggin, scratched softly behind his ears, and stroked his velvet snoot. I told him over and over how loved he was, and I held his paw. We cannot thank both you and Patrick for everything you have done for Lenny, Emma, and Ginger Gurl. You were everything that Lenny needed in his days out of the shelter; a soft touch, a warm bed, and a loving home. We are all so heartbroken that Lenny's body was not able to endure his ailments and sickness, but we're so thankful he was laid to rest knowing he was so, so loved. You are warriors for rescue and pit bulls alike, and we're so lucky to have you fighting for them. " - Sunny Ozell


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