AskReddit Users Respond With Their Wholesome Stories Of Lost Love

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    Text - r/AskReddit Posted by u/altimalove 4y ? [Serious] Reddit, did you ever get over your first love? serious replies only Discussion Do you still wonder about them? Do you know if they are married now? Do you wish you had never met them in the first place? Please share your past.
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    Text - xchainblade 4y Sort of. I think about her some times but I also remember a quote from Alexander Graham Bell: "When one door closes, another door opens; but we so often look so long and regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us." Remember your past, learn from the experience, and follow the opening doors. Reply 1.9k
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    Text - Mange-Tout 4y Yes, I did get over my first love, and also my second, third, fourth and fifth love. The sixth and seventh, though, were both really tough to get over, and feelings persist more than a decade later. Love #8 is a wonderful person and still a friend. I'm currently married to love #9. The moral of the story is that love does not conquer all, and that there really are more fish in the sea. I'm not unhappy about any of my experiences, even the eight years with my bitter and diffi
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    Text - CitizenTed 4y 1 Award I'm old (50). My first love was 30 years ago. That's a long time In short, yes: I got over her. I moved out west, fell in love with other women, lived with a few, banged many more. She stayed in my mind for quite a few years, but as we both got on in life, she faded. But I do remember one day, about 10 years ago, shopping at the mall. I walked past the fragrance section and BAM. It was HER scent. All these memories flooded back into my head. Laying beside her on a wi
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    Text - Enlarged2ShowTexture 4y No, I didn't. He lived in England, I in the US. We knew it'd never work. ...except that I now live in a home with him in England and we are getting married exactly one month from today. :D Reply 527
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    Text - Engla... ge Js33a 4y "Your first love will feel like your last, but your last love will feel like your first" Reply 424
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    Text - latinalovesasians 4y I definitely still think about him all the time. I wonder if he's ok (his health was very poor) I wonder if he's moved on, if he's happy, healthy, enjoying life, if he's finally learned to smile a little bit and stop being so stressed and angry all the time. But i mostly just wonder why he just kind of disappeared out of the blue. Reply 346 Hell in_a_bucket 4y I'm not your man, but I've done similar so I'm gonna say this. I'm sorry, I had a bunch of issues, nothing yo
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    Text - I can say this to young people: the broken heart hurts but the hurt does not last. You will be amazed at how broadly your life and your loves will replace that hurt. It's like a pitcher of water into a small paper cup. Yet there will always be this standard of affection that was set by that first love. It can't be replaced. Don't forget it, but use it as a standard, a starting place. You will build on it. And what you build won't seem as "pure" or "perfect" as that first one, but it will


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