Friends of R2-D2 Creator Tony Dyson Are Raising Money for His Funeral

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sad celebrity death Friends of R2-D2 Creator Tony Dyson Are Raising Money for His Funereal
Via gofundme
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Tony Dyson, known best as the creator of R2-D2, recently passed away in his home in Malta. Now his friends have started a crowdfunding campaign to cover the costs of his funeral services. The GoFundMe page explains:

Sadly, as wonderfully savvy he was with creating, money wasn't one of his strong suits. As the people who love him dearly, we are trying to make his arrangements. His wish was to be donated to science, because he wanted those to look into his brilliant brain. Sadly, due to the circumstances surrounding his death (he died alone in his apartment of natural causes), he wasn't found quickly enough to have this happen.  We believe his next wish was to be cremated. We have gotten an invoice for this to happen, and the cost in US Dollars is close to $8000. Needless to say, this is more money than most of his friends have on hand.Malta does not do cremation, so his body has to be shipped to his home country, England.  This is the major expense and why it is so costly. 

So far, the page has raised $3,600 of it's $7,000 goal. 

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