Is Ted Cruz Living a Double Life as the Lead Singer of Stryper?

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funny politics metal Is Ted Cruz Living a Double Life as the Lead Singer of Stryper?
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Stryper is a Christian metal hair band that found some mainstream success in the 80s. And Ted Cruz looks exactly like the led singer, Michael Sweet. 

Could he secretly be the frontman of this band, probably, but no one knows for sure. Michael Sweet has acknowledged the resemblance (kind of):

via @michaelhsweet

But it seems like he isn't that happy about the comparison and his fans DEFINITELY aren't.  The Daily Dot posted this rant by a fan that was posted in the Facebook group Stryper Strong and has now been deleted:

Ok, we've all now seen at least a dozen times the Ted Cruz looks like Michael in one photo from 1983. I've been tagged, had it forwarded to me and have deleted countless postings on the Stryper page that I am webmaster for. First, stop it! Second, it's making fun of the band and my best friends. Third, it's making fun of anyone who dares be a fan (in other words....YOU). I don't like ANY of that! I discussed this with Michael the day he posted it and the only reason he posted was because of the free press that comes from it. He didn't like the post either and removed the original persons name from it. It has now grown to the point of being ridiculous. So, can I ask everyone to not post it anymore and to move on? Can we all agree on that? Can I get a like or comment of agreement on this? Sorry, it isn't funny anymore. (Never was).

Whether he's ready to "move on" or not, Sweet is certainly embracing the extra publicity:

via michaelhsweet

Or should we say, Ted Cruz is embracing the publicity?

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