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Culprit Who Stole Endangered Lemur From Zoo Finally Found

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    The thief was found nearly one year later, 19-year-old teen Aquinas “Quinn” Kasbar

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    But the story of how police discovered it was him is a wild ride all on it's own. The police had been keeping an eye on Kasbar after discovering stolen luxurious items that he sold to the pawn shop. They discovered a hoard of items in a storage unit he was renting out, including; ostrich-skin Birkin bags valued at more than $20,000 and Fender guitars.

    Upon finally capturing Kasbar and arresting him, they were able to search his home where they found evidence that linked him to the Lemur heist in 2018, according to the Times

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    The teen pleaded guilty to cutting the chain fences and stealing Isaac

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    And while prosecutors brought up the reason behind it would be for illegal pet-trading, Kasbar claimed through the plea agreement that he didn't intend to sell the wide-eyed primate. He simply "wanted to keep it as a pet. "

    Brian Gurwitz, Kasbar's attorney, told the Orange Country Register, "My client accepted responsibility today for a mistake he made as a high school student. He quickly regretted his decision."

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    And while Kasbar's future is unclear at the moment, we are happy to report Isaac is still going strong

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    A year later, there is no indication whatsoever that Isaac was shaken by the events of that night. Now 33, he had just recently celebrate his birthday (Happy Belated, Isaac!), he spends his days following around the zookeepers, enjoying grapes and even has some lady companions!  

    Story via The Washington Post


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