Party Where Each Guest Provides 3-Minute Powerpoint Presentation Is Actually Genius

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    creative party - Text - Michal Follow Miexriir Last night I went to a party where everyone had to prepare a 3 minute lecture on something they were passionate about I won best presentation
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    creative party - Presentation - Sonic Universe Character Alignment Ch l Shadow the Hedgehog is... God CHAOTIC NEUTRAL
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    creative party - Cartoon - An Exploration of Shadow the Hedgehog's True Moral Compass &KNUCKLES
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    creative party - Text - Effects of Good, Neutral, and Evil Choices by stage in Shadow the Hedgehog (2005) STAGE4 STAGE STAGE LAST STORY STAGE 1 STAGE 2 STAGE 3 BOSS The ARK GUN F Cent Cty Cryp Cet The Deo Digital Cc AF BckCome D D We The Let W De Dea Med Ma Sp Gedg Ce Prk C Fl kD Du Dee R F Hea Lt Inpt
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    These are the rules to the game if you ever decide you want to give it a go with friends.

    creative party - Text - Drink Talk Learn (DTL) is a party where the point is to deliver presentations on stuff that you find interesting and want to share/inform/tell/rant to the rest of us all while drinking and having a good time RULES - You need to have a prepared presentation powerpoint or pdf slides not exceeding three (3) minutes in length - Should you go over three (3) minutes, you will be asked to finish your drink, and then resume giving your presentation. Every additional minute will r
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    creative party - Text - - Death by Screech is the punishment for non-witty banter. - Also note that if you deliberately have your slides set on an automatic timer lasting less than 3 minutes. I will find you, and make you drink. Making a presentation is required. Please make a presentation. Have I mentioned you should make a presentation? The whole point of this is to share ideas Business casual is the dress code for the night! 3 awards will be given by the end of the night: - Best presentation
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    creative party - Text - Follow @npluviophile I need to go to parties like this. ,)


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