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Funny Stories About Grandparents "Not" Wanting Pets (Tweets)

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    "Grandparents went from "We dont need a damn cat." to "Did you set up Lulu's spot for dinner?"

    grandparents and pets - Table
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    My grandpa doesn't like dogs... usually. Here is him showing off my boy to the neighbors. We went to 3 different houses"

    grandparents and pets - Brickwork
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    My grandpa used to hate cats. One day he found 4 stray kittens on the road and nursed then back to health. This is him after rescuing his fifth cat this year.

    grandparents and pets - Canidae
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    grandparents and pets - Reptile - I come home and my tortise is wearing a watermelon sweater. My grandma didn't want me to get a tortoise.
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    grandparents and pets - Adaptation - My grandpa often says that he doesn't like my cat and dog, but my grandmother sent me this picture this morning and I think he is warming to the new cat www.ht
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    "My grandma: I don't want any cats here. I don't like the hair. "Also my grandma:"

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    "Grandpa Bob: I don't want cats in this house. "Also Grandpa Bob:"

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    grandparents and pets - Dog - Nightmare on Liezl Street @liezllI My grandma didn't used to like dogs and now she LOVES Ellie and Ellie loves her
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    "My grandpa: I don't want animals in the house. Also my grandpa:


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