Jared Leto Offers up His Bizarre Reasoning behind All the Weird Gifts He Gave Suicide Squad Co-Stars

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Via FOX 5 DC
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Apparently giving co-stars gifts like used condoms, anal beads, dead rats and pigs, wasn't enough for Leto; just yesterday the crazy fool gave Jimmy Fallon a live snake. See for yourself:

Dude, Jared Leto, you have no chill. During a recent interview with Fox 5 DC Leto said the following when asked about why he gave his poor Suicide Squad co-stars all those crazy gifts:

“The Joker loves to play games, he loves to manipulate, and that was part of the reason to do that. When you do give a gift to someone, even in real life, you think about, ‘What do I get them?,’ you think about who that person is to you, what would they like? So that immediately started to be really good homework for me. What do I give Deadshot? What’s my relationship with Deadshot? I gave Deadshot a briefcase full of bullets. It was kind of a message, it was kind of a threat, it was kind of a reminder. I wrote every character a note — a poem. What it did was that it started me on a journey into thinking what these people are, and it was a lot of fun.” (transcribed by Cinema Blend)

Here's the full 20-minute interview, if you've got that kind of time lying around; and if you want to hear Jared Leto straight up utter, 'human meat is always a great gift.'

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