Work Ethic of the Day: Despite a Growing GoFundMe Retirement Account, This 89-Year-Old Still Shows Up For His Job

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When Fidencio Sanchez pushed his ice cream cart to work again on Monday, he showed the world his resiliency in light of several recent tragedies in his life.

Thanks to a stranger setting him up a GoFundMe page to help the 89-year-old to retire and pay for his family's healthcare costs, he is now over $283,000 richer and can finally empty out the ice cream cart for the last time.

Here he is on a Facebook Live session, getting some of the fame he deserves:

Support his GoFundMe campaign here.

Fully Funding U.S. Medicare and Reforming our Immigration Policies are key to helping good people like Sanchez retire with the respect they deserve, because we will all grow old someday.

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