Eco Product of the Day: Bionic Yarn Makes Cool Clothing From Plastic Bottles Recovered from the Ocean

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Bionic Yarn.

No, not from Spiderman, but yarn and fabrics made up of single-use plastic bottles--many found floating in the ocean--sewed into hip clothes. That's the idea behind the company Bionic Yarn, co-founded by Tyson Toussant, partnered with ocean protector Paul Watson, and with recording artist Pharrell Williams as their Creative Director.

They make denim jeans, snowboarding jackets, boat covers, furniture, and other products using their innovating product.

Their concept is to clean the oceans and promote using reusable products. For instance, they promote facts about plastic bottle usage:

Apparently, since "plastic bottles are made up of the same polymer as polyester," Bionic Yarn can bypass the use of crude oil-based yarn products through their own recycling process.

They refine the bottles into chips and then heat and pull-apart the fibers and spin them into yarn. They can then mix the yarn with cotten or wool for whatever item they want to sew.

These aren't your Mama's recycled pants.

Check out their products here.

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