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The "Cat Selfie" Device Will Help You Take a Good Selfie With Your Cat

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    Taking selfies with cats and dogs has become a mainstay process for many consumers, so the Bubblegum Stuff Cat Selfie has been created to offer photographers with an easier way to capture the best side of their feline.

    cat selfie - Cat
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    The Bubblegum Stuff Cat Selfie Captures Kitty Attention

    cat selfie - Cat

    The device works by being positioned onto the top section of a smartphone and instantly going to work capturing the attention of curious cats. This is done with a hanging bell that will perfectly position the face of the feline into view for owners to quickly capture photos that are ideal for sharing on social media.

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    The Bubblegum Stuff Cat Selfie device speaks to the increased prominence of pet culture as consumers seek to share their love of domestic animals on social media for followers to enjoy.

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    And if that doesn't help, here's a quick video with some practical advice on how to take a good selfie with your cat:


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