Pokémon GO Adds A Long Awaited Feature, Tracking Apps Return

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Pokémon GO developers, Niantic, have been infamous for poor changes and slow response since the games release. It finally looks like we're seeing a trend in a postive direction, but does it come too late?

Niantic is finally adding rewards for trainers that play the app every day, offering bonuses for catching pokemon and hitting pokestops daily.  


  • Catching a Pokémon every day: 500 additional experience points and 600 stardust.
  • Catching a Pokémon seven days in a row:  2,000 experience points and 2,400 stardust.
  • Visiting a Pokéstop daily:  500 experience points and more items.
  • Visiting a Pokestop 7 days in a row: 2,000 experience points and more items.

On top of this we're pleased to report that the once popular 3rd party Pokemon trackers are back up and running. We have no idea why Niantic saw fit to block these applications out in the first place, all they did was add to the excitement and scope of the game. 

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