Binge Watch of The Day: Netflix Reveals What We Do After We Binge Watch (Mostly Watch More Netflix)

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netflix study reveals binge watching stats and movie pairings
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In a new study, Netflix found out what 86 million members across 190 countries watch after they finish binging on a TV show and how long it takes them to dive into another one.

The results? 59 percent of viewers give it about three days before moving on to their next show, while 61 percent simply watch a movie. The point is, we never stop watching something apparently.


The study went even farther, looking at what movies people commonly watch after a good binge. They found that people like to stay in the same genre when going from binge watch to movie watch. According to TIME, “After finishing all four seasons of House of Cards, viewers often watched Beasts of No Nation. Bingers of Gilmore Girls went on to watch Sixteen Candles and The Princess Bride. Bloodline was frequently followed up with a serving of Spotlight for dessert”

Narcos watchers followed up on their interest in drug trafficking with documentaries like Cartel Land and Narco Cultura. Fans of Marvel’s Luke Cage took in 13th, Ava DuVernay’s documentary about race and the American criminal justice system. BoJack Horseman devotees tended to prefer stand-up comedy specials, but a good number of them hunkered down with a motivational speaking superstar in Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru.”

You can read the whole study over on Netflix’s blog or just look at that handy graphic above. With the holiday break coming up, this pairing menu will certainly take some of that hard decision making off your hands.

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