Hero of the Day: Woman Turns Water Into Wine... Thanks To A Fridge Hack

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woman on twitter turns refrigerator water dispenser into wine dispenser
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While most people in their 20s want credit for acting even remotely like adults, one woman has gone above and beyond what’s asked of someone being a grown up.

After ordering a new refrigerator, Clare decided to risk life and water filter by turning her fridge into a wine dispenser. All it took was a bottle of wine and the cold water filter in her fridge. Simply tilt the bottle into the water dispenser and out comes wine. Life hacks made easy.

It takes a proud adult to risk ruining a brand-new fridge with a move like this, so we commend you, Clare. However, perhaps sensing the immense power at their finger tips, Clare and her boyfriend switched the filter back to water. They told Buzzfeed that their fridge and filter is fine, but what about the copycats? What of the poor filters that will be inevitably be ruined due to the sugary content of wine. Those tubes are going to be sticky for generations.

via Broadway World

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