This Drunk Dude Is Having a War With His Skis and We’re All The Winner

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drunk dude can't get skis on
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A video posted by Victoria Edel (@vicdohria) on

There are moments in your life when you should realize that you’re too drunk to do something.

If you trip on your way to the car, don’t drive. If you hit yourself in the face with a bowling ball, don’t bowl. And if you can’t even get your skis on, don’t ski.

Someone should’ve told this dude, who French Instagram user vicdohria refers to “Jerry of the Day,” before typing “L'alcool c'est mal m’voyez!” which translates to “alcohol is bad.”

Too drunk to get his skis on, watch in awe as he perseveres. He wants to ski. He needs to ski. But alas, his brain don’t work good.

You know what is good, this video.

H/T Uproxx

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