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Kangaroos Hopping Around In Snow Prove The World's Gone Crazy: 10 GIFS and Images

  • gif of kangaroo hopping in snow

    In case you've been living under a rock, Australia isn't typically known for its snow. In fact, it's known for exactly the opposite: called the 'sunburnt country' in one of the most famous Australian poems, Australia is best known for it's beaches, unique animals and laid back lifestyle. So when this video emerged, the internet was pretty surprised. 

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  • picture kangaroos hopping past fence and tree in snow

    The footage of kangaroos jumping through the snow was captured by a NSW resident Stephen Grenfell as he was driving past. He posted the video to Twitter and it soon went viral. 

  • gif kangaroos hopping past tree in snow

    Just to clarify, it's not as if Australia never experiences snow. There are many places in Australia that experience snow annually and cater to the snow sports crowd. But those places are usually on the top of mountains. So it is quite strange for there to be this much snow in places like Goulburn, which is 3 hours away from Sydney and is more often experiencing heat waves than rain or snow. 

  • picture kangaroo sitting in snow

    In terms of the climate in Australia, global warming has been making things stranger than ever. Extreme weather has been pushing Australians to the edge with droughts, floods, bushfires, and now, unexpected snow. And while humans have houses to shelter in while these things take place, the poor roo's are stuck outside. Meteorologists say that this is one of the coldest fronts to hit Australia in decades, and we're not sure if the kangaroos are into it. 

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  • gif kangaroos sitting and hopping in snow

    Kangaroos are native to Australia. The earliest recording of kangaroos was by a white settler in the 1700s, but they were around long before Australia was 'discovered' by the English. Many Aboriginal art, myths and dreamtime stories talk about the kangaroo, which was both revered and used as a source of food. 

  • picture kangaroos hopping over field behind fence covered in snow

    Unlike many native species in Australia, the kangaroo has fared well since the industrialization of man and the introduction of foreign species. Today, there are twice as many kangaroos are there are people in Australia. They are now considered a pest by many, and their meat and hide are becoming commercially popular. 

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  • gif kangaroo sitting in snow chewing

    But despite them being considered a pest, they are still a national emblem of Australia and are cherished deeply by Australians. After all, they're probably the most unique animal in the world! 

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  • picture kangaroo in snow in front of trees

    Kangaroos are the largest marsupial in the world and can grow up to 2 meters tall. They can reach up to 65 km per hour at their top speeds, and can jump up to 3 meters high. Pretty impressive, right? 

  • gif kangaroos hopping past fence snow

    They're also the only large animal that uses hopping as a means of getting around. Their  powerful tail serves as a kind of third leg when they're hopping slowly, and when they bring up the speed, their tails serve as a counter balance. When fighting, kangaroos can support the whole weight of their bodies on their tail, kicking both legs into the air at their opponent. 

  • picture kangaroo sitting on hill in snow

    There are many sights that only a few people in history will be privileged to witness. Rare blossoming flowers that open once every few decades or centuries. Special eclipses that occur once in a lifetime. And this: kangaroos hopping around in the snow. Thanks to technology, now we can all see this rare, strange and beautiful sight. 


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