Man Rescues This Sweet Tiny Kitten From A Drunk A-Hole Trying To Feed Her To A Dog

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Some people are seriously messed up! We'd like to feed that drunk man to a dog and see how he likes it! Thankfully, there is more good in this world than there is bad. 

When this hero saw a drunk person toss this defenseless kitten onto the street, trying to feed her to a stray dog, he immediately came to her rescue. You can tell from the video she was clearly traumatized from human interaction and was very scared. After some TLC, she decided that not all humans are bad. Meet Milky, the beautiful little rescue who is now very happy and loved. 

Thank you to her rescuer for saving and adopting her!

A beautiful message from Maui Boy & Maki Boy: The Puspin Cats Wanderers, "Please adopt strays whenever you can, you can never imagine how you can change their lives from worst to worthy."

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