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This Viral Video Of A Monkey Washing Clothes Puts Us All To Shame

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    2 panel picture monkey washing clothes

    The viral video of this smart lil' fella was uploaded on August 2, 2019, but caught the public's attention a few days later. The guy who took the video, Susanta Nanda, works for the Indian Forest Service and can be heard laughing in the video. In his Twitter post, Nanda describes the monkey's actions as "contagious behavior." Technically speaking, he may be right. 

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    picture monkey whacking clothes on bench washing clothes

    Scientists at the University of California think that monkeys learn the same way that humans do; through active involvement. So this monkey didn't just decide to wash clothes out of the blue - he or she has probably been watching humans wash clothes like this (with the same dedication) for who knows how long. 

    The monkey isn't just whacking the clothes willy nilly; it knows exactly what to do. There is a method to washing clothes by hand that has been perfected over the centuries in India, and this monkey has mastered it. 

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    picture of monkey washing clothes

    So next time you're at home and you can't be bothered to dump a pile of dirty clothes into a washing machine, pour in some soap suds and press a button, remember this: a PRIMATE in India is washing clothes better than you. Get your sh*t together. 

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