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Couple Came To See Kitten With An Injured Leg And Immediately Fell In Love

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    That's when they met Winston and they just knew.

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    They first met Winston at the hospital right before his emergency surgery


    In an interview with Love Meow, Jamie describes the moment when they just knew Winston was meant for them, "I think it was his tenacity to fight for his tiny, brand new life that touched our hearts first, then it was those big kitten eyes and crazy Albert Einstein-esque fluff. We knew he was the total package. When they brought him into the exam room where we were waiting, it immediately felt like he was ours."

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    "He curled up in my husband's arms and started to play. He was the happiest little goof you could imagine!"


    Later that evening, Nashville Cat Rescue called up Jamie and Bryan to inform them the kitten has made it out of kitten and everything was looking good, and that Winston may be tiny but had a might spirit. 

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    Jamie continued, "A little more than a week later, we brought him home with us, where we planned to 'foster-to-adopt' him. He was still not allowed to have much activity, but it became apparent within just hours that he was so ready to take off."

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    But soon things took a turn for the worst, they noticed something was wrong with Winston's leg and headed back to the vet


    "Late on Sunday evening, the pin holding his femur together while it healed started to come out. This pin had been quite problematic already, having come out completely just a little over a week ago. At the time, he had to have a second surgery to reinsert the pin," the Adams' wrote in an Instagram post.

    "The more I felt anxious, and would silently cry in the passenger seat during the drive there - the calmer Winston became. He became a huge comfort to me," said Jamie. 

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    As luck would have it, Dr. Au (the orthopedic surgeon who saved Timmy) was the one to evaluate Winston on Monday morning.


    Dr. Au found that due to the soft and fragile state of Winston's little kitten bones, his femur was not salvageable. And to add to it, he had also begun to develop an infection in the bone. 

    The Adams were left with two options, "either removing the pin, addressing the infection and leaving him with a painful and useless leg or amputating the limb and allowing him to recover fully and lead a completely normal life, the decision was easy," the Adams' wrote. 

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    "My anxiety was gone and I knew everything would be OK," Jamie said.


    Winston continued to surprise everyone with his strong will to live as he was already back home only a few days after surgery. And even though he was one limb short, he gained a beautiful loving home complete with two cats (Fuzzy Pete and Maggie), and a dog (Shiner)! 

    And according to the Adams, Fuzzy Pete (who was Timmy's best friend) has really bonded with little Winston and won't leave his side. Que the major aww's! 

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    "We could immediately tell a difference in his personality. He was so joyful. Now that he could move around almost any way he wanted, he was free and loving his life, finally! His fur has almost grown back all the way. He still has the wild Einstein-hair"

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    "Winston has a clean bill of health and long and happy future ahead of him," Jamie said. "We are so lucky that he is part of our family."


    We're also so happy that the Adams are Winstons furever pawrents! Thank you for loving this adorable ball of fluff! 

    This little 3-legged kitten has stolen our hearts with no intentions of returning it... and we're so OK with that! 

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