I Can Has Cheezburger?

Cats Vs Technology! Who Will Win?

  • 1

    "Less work, more play!"

    cat vs technology - Cat
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  • 2

    "She shut down my whole computer just by sitting on it"

    cat vs technology - Cat - cops lock X C shitn 30 control option command N
  • 3

    "Writing the next best book"

    cat vs technology - Cat - P JK command option A L V
  • 4

    "My cat just bit the corner of my MacBook and now my screen is cracked."

    cat vs technology - Felidae - it View Go Window Help Tue 842 AM Sereen Shet 20-1204 13P s 20 P Deemt m OuySm PANGERS
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  • 5

    "My dad captured the exact moment my kitten accidentally turned the brightness all the way up on my laptop, frying my eyeballs"

    cat vs technology - Arm - HE HATE VE
  • 6

    “Back in my day, cats would watch actual birds instead of staring at those screens.”

    cat vs technology - Cat
  • 7

    "He wants to catch Pokémon too!"

    cat vs technology - Blue - You tucked Magikarp awa the Pokémon Box in your Ba
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  • 8

    "New heating pad found!"

    cat vs technology - Cat
  • 9

    "Alexa, order catnip!"

    cat vs technology - Black - Blessed Default Arrangement ho on Length 0 00 BPM 60 Meter none Sequence Fies Awagement wi eOe Ch a The b SolM SAA ten
  • 10

    "Pay attention to meeee! (But I won't acknowledge it.)"

    cat vs technology - Cat
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  • 11

    "Less AirPods, more cuddling"

    cat vs technology - Cat
  • 12

    "He actually crawled under there while I was working on a paper"

    cat vs technology - Cat - T F G H K C N Stream The Magic CafBuse X AA N*
  • 13

    "Productivity = zero"

    cat vs technology - Cat
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  • 14

    "I don't know who TED is but I thank him for inviting me to give this talk."

    cat vs technology - Cat - Peautyest
  • 15

    "This is Catrick. He is unfamiliar with this combination of paper and technology"

    cat vs technology - Cat - ms Please let me focus, smol boi CHAT
  • 16

    "she like to watch blue planet/other nature shows"

    cat vs technology - Cat - Macook
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  • 17

    "It appears he doesn’t want me to apply for jobs. I guess he doesn’t want to eat!"

    cat vs technology - Cat - ghs Cataent Catalent About Us Cataent N sht omman commend optss quarks
  • 18
    cat vs technology - Cat


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