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Crazy Safari Encounters of A Furry Kind

  • 1

    Run Forrest Runnnnnn

    gif of elephant chasing a car in a safari
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  • 2

    Move @#$@% Get Out the Way

    gif of gorillas walking between a group of tourists and pushing one of them down
  • 3

    Whatever You Do Dont Look it in the Eyes... Nevermind

    gif of a leopard jumping on the side of a car
  • 4

    This Looks Like a Great Spot to Sun

    gif of lioness lying down on top of a safari car engine
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  • 5

    The Shock and Awe Only a Chicken Sandwich Can Bring

    gif of a monkey making funny faces while being teased with food
  • 6

    I Guess This is the Wild Version of Necking

    gif of two giraffes fighting
  • 7

    Remember That Guy Who Hated To Lose In School... Meet This Giraffe

    gif of a giraffe running close to a safari car
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  • 8

    Its All Fun And Games Until Someone is About to Get Eaten

    gif of a person watching animals in the wild
  • 9

    Just Take a Selfie With Him He Wont Bite

    gif of a sea lion dragging a girl into the water
  • 10

    Give me Moooooaaar

    gif of a woman feeding a bison through the car window


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