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Artist with No Knowledge of Pokémon Doodles Dozens of Them and It's Completely Nuts

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    Cheezburger Image 8971512576
    "I didn't want to do a dragon, but what else can you draw when you're given a name with "dragon" in it?" - netwoodle
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    "I drew a blank, but "vulpix" sounds like something that swallows its food before it chews it, so a shark came to mind. I gave him skinny legs because "pix." - netwoodle
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    "He was going to be a mud creature wearing overalls, but he ended up oozing into more of a muddy slug. It's possible that there are overalls and legs hidden under that mud, but it would be impolite to poke a mound." - netwoodle
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    "I knew I wanted big ears because "mew" is such a small sound. It also sounds a little like a soft snore, so whatever he is, he sleeps most of the time." - netwoodle
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    "This one started out as Cyndi with quills for arms, and there is no way to make sense of a Cyndi with quills for arms unless she goes full on spider." - netwoodle
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    Cheezburger Image 8971514880
    "He was originally going to have a head that came to a fine point because needle, but then I added a bunch of randomly growing antlers and horns because weeds." - netwoodle
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    Azumarill and Clefable

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