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Golden Reactions From Animals After Introducing Them To A New Species

  • 1

    "You scare me, water doggo!"

    corgi reacting to meeting a goose
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  • 2

    " When the first meeting didn’t go well:"

    Dog reacting to meeting a fish
  • 3

    " Nimbus met our dog for the first time. This is her being intimidating."

    Cat all fuzzed up
  • 4

    "My owl hides behind me when there’s a visitor in the house."

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  • 5

    “Day 3: They still think I’m a duck.”

    duck with a dog and another duck
  • 6

    "This dog probably just had immediate regrets about not getting health insurance."

    Dog and cat
  • 7

    Knock knock — Hoo’s there?"

    owl and bunny in a tree
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  • 8

    "Trying to get into our territory, bra-a-ather?"

    cat and goats
  • 9

    “It’s behind me, isn’t it?”

    cat amd dog
  • 10

    "Come down... if you dare!"

    cat and dog
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  • 11

    “What the duck is going on here?”

    duck meets dog
  • 12

    "Meet new friends, they said... it’ll be fun, they said."

    Dogs meet platapus
  • 13

    "Don’t worry, you’re gonna become best friends!"

    Dog and cat and person
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  • 14

    "You’d better explain yourself, you little floofy poser!"

    Barn owl - FAMTASY GULE
  • 15

    "Gang attack!"

  • 16

    "Let’s wrap it up, birdie, before my whiskers are completely frozen!"

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  • 17

    " My cat’s reaction to the real bear skin rug my roommate brought home:"

  • 18

    “The wall climbing sheep is freaking Otis out.”

  • 19

    "Huskies are the bravest dogs, they said..."

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  • 20

    "“My dog is deathly afraid of my brother’s bird.”"

  • 21

    "Why do you hold this giant green worm against us, mom?"

  • 22

    "I feel you, dog. I’m freaked out by lobsters too."

    Dog meets lobster


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