The wildlife photographer said the whole process took a few months as her friend built the frame first from wood, then plastic and metal

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Product - Kate MacRae/SWNS.Com
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She added: 'It took several weeks of experimentation before we were happy with the new design. 'It has evolved to house a tray at the front for food as well as a counter. Tom created two small shelving units for me to fill with tiny food items. I fixed in the camera on the bracket set in the back of the box and set it so it would be positioned so the birds would visit the food tray in the front but look like they were visiting the snack bar. I had ordered a range of tiny dolls' house-sized items to 'stock' my snack bar. From miniature bottles of water and cans of drink to tiny packets of crisps, I began to arrange and stick the food items onto the shelving units and the counter." Finally ready, she mounted it outside her home and settled in to check all the camera equipment worked.