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Non-Americans Share The Most Common Names For Dogs Around The World

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    Text - Non-Americans, does your culture have "old-fashioned" dog names like we do in America, such as Fido, Rex, Spot, Rover, etc, and what are some?
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    Text - Text - cascadeddogshit 8.8k points 13 days ago Musti ("Blackie"). Finland. It's considered a classic but I've never actually met a dog with that name. 13 days ago Lumppu 2.0k points Also, Rekku. 59 more replies
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    Text - parisbear92 24.6k points 13 days ago 2 In Singapore, Male dog: boy boy Female dog: girl girl We're not a creative people.
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    Text - HBry1004 7.6k points 13 days ago S (Thai) Top of my head: Daang ("Spots"), Toob (for floppy-eared), Ouan ("Fat"), Foofoo ("Fluffy"), Toong ngern ("Bag of silver"), Toong tong ("Bag of gold"), and a lot of times we just call them by their colors like Dum for black, Dang (red) for orange-brown, or Khow for white.
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    Text - 13 days ago MaggehG 24.9k points . Snati, Sámur, Hvutti Iceland 13 days ago raggiey 5.2k points And if it's a black dog Kolur or Tinna. But it's our horses which have the most classical names. There is even a department that oversees horse names so they can't get unusual names.
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    Text - conan_keating 3.7k points 13 days ago . edited 13 days ago Swedish kindergarten kid to other swedish kindergarten kid: Are you a boy or a girl? I don't know. What is your name? Måns Oh, then you are a cat.
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    Text - 3 S GustavoAlex 7789 12.7k points 13 days ago Firulais in Mexico
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    Text - Text - 4manisfestationqueen 1.2k points 13 days ago Canelo 13 days ago . edited 13 days ago lilylakai 809 points Our family dog's name is Canelo, he's a chocolate lab, and of course we're Mexican Edit: Thank you to everyone wishing me a happy cake day!Im getting more happy cake days than happy birthdays when it's my birthday .. And they say people on reddit are dicks 34 more replies 31 more replies Irf_indi333 6.0k points 13 days ago Don't forget "Oso"_means bear in Spanish
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    Text - Text - Katzimir_Malevich 3.5k points 13 days ago edited 13 days ago S Well, in Chile there's a lot of dogs named Cholo or Cholito, which is a word meaning 'mestizo' ('mixed race' or 'crossbreed' in English) so it's a name given to most strays, or even just a term to refer to strays in general. There's also a law called 'Ley Cholito' made for responsible pet ownership inspired by a dog who was named that. Also, personally, I've met a lot of dogs named 'Black' and 'Negro'. Hell, I've got tw
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    Text - 13 days ago Serend1ppa 15.0k points Tuzik, Bobik (Russian), Sirko (Ukrainian). Noone gives them to dogs any more but they are still used in pet-related jokes.
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    Text - tValdrax 17.4k points 13 days ago Pochi and John serve this purpose in Japan, but much like Spot, they're pretty much only reserved for dogs that an author didn't want to spend any effort naming. You almost never see edited 13 days ago actual dogs named either.
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    Text - ParadoxInABox 545 points 13 days ago And cats are always Tama or Taro. 34 more replies 207 more replies
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    Text - 13 days ago jfredsilva 6.0k points Bobi in Portugal gnarlleaf 6.4k points 13 days ago Dang it bobi!
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    Text - 4niceonshrooms 632 points13 days ago Also Pantufa, goes for cats and dogs and it literally means house shoe 24 more replies
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    Text - 13 days ago bakubakunyanyaa 810 points reksio, fafik (poland) kreciPL 383 points 13 days ago Burek is typical in Poland too. 25 more replies BCslav 244 points 13 days ago Reksio, Fafik, Puszek, Burek, Azor 8 more replies 72 more replies
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    Text - nashitasalman 12.3k points 13 days ago Indians - Moti and Hira ( pearl & diamond). There's also Sheru ( tiger) Impolite_sodomite 7.4k points 13 days ago Are you telling me that Shere Khan was just called Tiger King? totoropoko 5.8k points 13 days ago Yup. Sher is literally a generic term for big cat
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    Text - TakenbyLiamNeeson 426 points 13 days ago In the South, people also name their dogs: Jimmy & Tommy, and pandu (fruit), kanna (little/tiny), and local variations for the word "golden" Edit: a lot of is also name our dogs after booze. My dog was called Whiskey, and my friend's dog is Beer
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    Text - 13 days ago .edited 13 days ago Im_Nubelz 3.1k points In Germany it's mostly Bello but I have also seen lots of Balou's lately Edit: There are lots of other typical German dog names in the comments
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    Text - 13 days ago Donncadh_Doirche 8.3k points In Ireland, the typical dog name is "Bran" after the legendary hero Fionn MacCumhaill's hound. Rover is also an old one. 13 days ago rugger88 1.1k points Over the course of 50 or 60 some odd years on my Moms family farm in Cork, if you were male dog, your name was Shep, if you were a female dog, your name was Lassie.
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    Text - 13 days agoO RoryRabideau 2.0k points are from Ireland, their dogs name is Cú. Said it's some mythical/historical My neighbors name and super common.
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    Text - AshCrowley 999 points 13 days ago In Hungary, we have Morzsi/Morzsa (it means crumb) and Buksi (it means head) 120 more replies
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    Text - 13 days ago indiblue825 259 points Indian here. Every 3rd dog is a Tommy, Jimmy, Brownie, Snowy, Snoopy or Scooby. 17 more replies
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    Text - 13 days ago TheIdiotSandwitch 582 points In Croatia HR really old ones are Garo and Zućo, maybe Riki and Floki. Rex and Aron I hear a lot nowadays, maybe Luna and Maks. But people are getting more creative :) 58 more replies
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    Text - 13 days ago the-jaybird 521 points Uganda: Simba 17 more replies
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    Text - leosh59 941 points 13 days ago Common one for France is Medor
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    Text - 13 days ago valmonds 105 points Korea KR Badook-ee (spotty) and Nurung-ee (yellowish doggy) are real old school. More recently Ppoppi is stereotypical puppy name and even more recently all sorts of coffee names (Mocha etc)


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