Chaotically Wholesome Dude Pelts Sister With OnlyFans Money He Earned To Pay Her Student Loan

Sibling relationships are often complicated ones. As kids you’re either constantly trying to give each other injuries where your parents won’t see, or you’re partners in crime. When you grow older, you might become more adult, but the dynamic doesn’t always change that much. Just like it says in those corny greeting cards that grandma likes to send you, the bond between siblings can be one of the most supportive you’ll ever have, if you’re lucky.

However, most of us aren’t fortunate enough for this to be in the monetary sense, unlike the sister of @tooturnttony. Being related to the duck-rearing, skit producing, and mayhem inducing TikTok star has some big benefits, especially after he recently added to his enviable social media portfolio by taking the leap into NSFW content. 

In a now-viral video, Tony shared with the world how he had received the first of his payments from OnlyFans, and he was going to use a portion of it to help his sister pay off her student loans. So far, so commendable — but the way in which he decided to give it to her was nothing short of deranged.

Revealing a bag stuffed with $20,000 in his car complete with duck sat in the back seat, he then goes on to show how he kicks down the door of his parents’ house, throws the bag of money at his sibling, and ends up getting a lecture from his mom for the chaos he has caused.

For fans of his content, the stunt was a hilarious extension of his usual antics. Those whose first introduction to him was through this TikTok, meanwhile, found themselves equal parts heartened and confused by whatever the hell was going on here. This was similar to his sister, who tearfully thanked him but also proclaimed that the move was “really weird”.

People also had some ideas about sweetening up his mom, who wanted to see him buy his own house.

Blood runs thicker than water, I guess.


While the whole video and its reaction may have been a wild ride, at least there was a guaranteed happy ending (absolutely no innuendo intended). It's good to see the social media famous pull some nice stunts for once. Long may it continue, at least until the next scandalous internet celebrity cancellation. 



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