Twitter Users Share The Pettiest Things They've Ever Done

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    twitter - Face - Borgore @Borgore THREAD: What's the most petty thing you've ever done? I'll start: one time sonia said my face looked a little chubby so in my next IG pic i edited her face like this
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    twitter - Text - i'm over here now @TheRavePossum Replying to @Borgore a roommate thought it'd be chill to stop paying rent so i waited a year then told the cops he was selling hard drugs
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    twitter - Text - It's Oliver, ya dingus @KaptainChunky Replying to @Borgore My wife and I had an argument one night, and after she had gone to bed, I made sure leave just the bottom bit of cereal with all the dust for her breakfast the next day.
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    twitter - Text - Breann @breannjewel Replying to @Borgore The guy I last dated pulled some super shady stuff. He hates gum more than anything in the world. I went to his place, chewed up a bunch of packs of hubba bubba, and stuck it all over his car so he'd have to take it off by hand the next day. I'm not proud, but
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    twitter - Text - Diana Alfaro @dirty_diana96 Replying to@Borgore Ibought a cat pillow and ever since then my bf threatens to fart on it cuz he thinks farts are funny. and then he sent me a video of him farting on it while I was work
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    twitter - Text - Melitty @melissacrucifix Replying to @Borgore One time my boyfriend and his friends were bullying me so Imade them cupcakes with laxatives in them, they were shitting bricks the next day at work
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    twitter - Text - Butters Stotch @yass_qwayne Replying to @Borgore wasn't invited to a party because the girls best friend didn't like me so I showed up and stole their alcohol and put all their family pictures in the oven quick and left I didn't turn the oven on I'm not that cruel)
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    twitter - Text - hardtokill @Hardtokill808 Replying to @Borgore My best friend pissed me off, so I played 90s country the whole 4 hours she had to ride in my car. We didnt speak that entire ride And 4 years later shes still mad about that ride
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    twitter - Text - Pokket @HelloPokket Replying to @Borgore When I was 18 my boyfriend at the time made me mad and I looked younger than 18. I made him kiss me in front of Walmart of a small town. I said loudly "No bubba not in public" and pushed him away. Then I looked at him and said "don't fuck with me again". It's been 10 years so l'm
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    twitter - Text - Not juicy @juicy_jessss Replying to @Borgore I was hooking up with this guy for a while and then he decided to ghost me, so I hooked up with his roommate and he walked in on it


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