Thirty-Two Delightfully Dumb Memes And Tweets

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    Text - Text - S Therapist: German Bread isn't real, it can't hurt you German Bread: Gluten tag My German teacher has up to date memes it scares me
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    Text - Text - Joe Young @JoeYoungComedy just ran in to Tom from MySpace and motherfucker acted like he didn't know me. 8:08 PM 9/14/19 Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - Cartoon - Waking up knowing people are actually going to raiding Area 51 TODAY'S THE BIG DAY, SQUIDWARD!
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    Text - Text - Nick Simmons @NickkSimmons You know you ate too much pizza when you go back to the counter for more and the guy goes "are you sure?". Its like don't sit here and talk to me like you're Netflix
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    Text - Text - KarIThePale @karl_pale Being a millennial is the anxiety you feel when the toaster is taking too long but forever to pop... 8:54 AM 9/20/19 Twitter for iPhone
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    Junk food - Me trying to raise my kids to be better than me.... But this Gangster shit is hereditary Ovchael andrew myers Sugar Couted Good Guys riceA
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    Muscle - Adam Lance Garcia @AdamLanceGarcia Officer, I'd like to report a murder. Maxwell Jacob Friedman TM @The MJF JOE MANGANIELLO @JoeManganiello Replying to @The MJF I don't play dungeons and dragons. Ido... HUGE ARMS WIN! $4000 IN GYM EQUIPMENT NEVER PAY FOR A MEMBERSHIP AGAIN CLE ESS TRUE MUSCLE GET RIPPED TRUE BLOOD WEREWOLF JOE MANGANIELLO ISA GYM RAT WITH OUR FULL BODY WORKOUT EAT LIKE A CAVE MAN CRAZY POWER JMY IN JUST ONE CILIDICOIC 8:01 AM 18 Sep 19 Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - Melissa Caruso @melisscaru1d Thor: *Throws hammer offscreen* Thor: *Holds out hand expectantly for Mjolnir to return* (Time passes) (Thor starts to look worried) A Random Labrador: *Bounds onscreen, tail wagging furiously, with Mjolnir in their mouth* Thor: *Nods* Ah, yes, of course, all dogs are worthy ti 2,808 56 10.4K
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    Text - Brown Sugar @Pr3tTiMom0 This really mad disrespectful TUIICIEN I| MICTOSOIL Pro t or experienc Preferred Qualificat ons Master's degree Minimum Salary $15.29 per hour A ication Instr ctions Applicants must combine all applicatio limit is 11MB. Do not include special c 11:26 AM 9/17/19 Twitter for iPhone 4,683 Retweets 11.3K Likes
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    Text - James Colley INTRS @JamColley almond milk: pros tastier, healthier. cons -> forces me to confront the fact that I mispronounce almond multiple times a day. 12:06 AM 19 Sep 19 TweetDeck
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    Text - Cary Elwes @Cary Elwes There's a shortage of perfect movies in this world. It would be a pity to damage this one. @Variety 13h Variety Sony Pictures Entertainment CEO Tony Vinciquerra says that "very famous people whose names I won't use" want to redo Norman Lear's 'The Princess Bride' 30qHpQM
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    Text - Area 51 guards yesterday Area 51 guards today
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    Fictional character - Skeletor replied J8YCE @joyce_marra 3d Guess what I'm good at 2,790 t1.226 436 Skeletor @GrumpySkeletor 2h Imitating Mekaneck 18 264 2
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    Text - Kristen Arnett @Kristen_Arnett shout out to the woman at 7-eleven who answered her phone and said "this better be good i'm buying a hot dog" 6:15 PM 19 Sep 19 Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - Susie Dent @susie_dent I always celebrate the day I can use this word again: 'apricity' is the warmth of the sun on a chilly morning. 3:31 AM 20 Sep 19 Twitter for iPhone 1,626 Retweets 9,347 Likes
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    Text - Meanwhile at Betty White's house. Death: *slowly cracks open door* Hello, Betty. Betty White: *cocks shotgun* Hello Death: *slowly closing door* Just saying hi Betty White: *aims shotgun* As always. Source: justshutupwillis 63,270 notes
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    Furniture - i told my grandma she looked cute today and she said she wanted to match her favorite chair lol Ashley Judith Gramouflage 40 Like Reply 14h
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    Text - nic mcshea @nicholamcsheax Just remembered when I was At a works night out and the dj said "no glasses on the dance floor" and a boy I work with took his specs off his face, walked off the dance floor and placed his glasses on the table then walked back to the dance floor again
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    Cartoon - "Hey sorry can we reschedul-" My introverted ass:
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    Text - Harley @okkharley when a cop is behind you and you've done nothing illegal but you still feel like a criminal @Facialss 20h caption this 3:50 PM 19 Sep 19 Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - netw3rk @netw3rk you either diea cordcutter or live long enough to see streaming become cable 1:49 PM 9/18/19 Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - Stef Starkgaryen @STEFISDOPE you can't truly call yourself "peaceful" unless you are capable of great violence if you're not capable of violence, you're not peaceful, you're harmless. important distinction.
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    Text - rob @robwhisman i'm rubbing my head after getting a cavity filled. dental assistant says, "aw do you wanna tylenol?" i say please and she leaves to get me one. $15 on the bill. i thought she meant, like, from her purse
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    Text - Broke Boi @Alm1ghtyJ BREAKING: Rapper 6ix9ine testifies that Bill Nye The Science Guy aka "Slim Killa" is a confirmed member of the Nine Trey Bloods https:// CR E CREATI ER LLU
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    Photo caption - September 17 at 7:30 PM Biggie wasn't letting those Doritos out of his sight under ANY circumstances 1 B
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    Text - the wicked witch of the east bro @kpfeffss The worst part of living in a tourist destination is your friends will come visit and be like "I want you to show me this and this" and you're like I'm gonna show you the inside of a CVS cause I have to pick up my birth control and then go back to bed 5:19 PM 11 Sep 19 Twitter for iPhone 52 Retweets 727 Likes
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    Photo caption - Choose ur fighter Ewan @Ewan_jmg Why does it look like the guy on the right is wearing someone else's face
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    Cat - dad's I sneaked Nork van while he wasn'r looking and waiTed 84 Miles To say any rhing
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    Text - Vincent On Screen @VinceSideJokes Conditioner Gordon: tough on crime, soft on your hair.
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    Stairs - Tuesday at 6:58 PM Holdup so this Mf tryna be handicap hadicap whoeva n that wheelchair might as well count they fucking cause days ACC Haha Share
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    Text - 3-Year-Old Pennywise the Clown Is Adorably Terrifying #IT #ITMovie Darkseid's Disciple @BlckBolex Look I'll punch a child too. These hands rated E for everybody.
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    Text - D.Lee.Blackburn @DL_Blackburn .really needed somebody to come get my mama at my wedding dawg, she was outta line. And se dudes ain't my friends no mo'. (+) T


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