Señor GIF

Most Awesome Mechanical GIFs Of The Week

  • The racing game for people who need a break from screens. 

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  • This mechanical wooden film projector is pretty cute. 

  • This apple peeler is pretty cool, but I definitely don't have space for that beast in my kitchen. 

  • So satisfying. 

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  • The way this B-2 Spirit bomber refuels then rotated it's dorsal fuel receptacle is 100% stealth. 

  • Skilled human VS even more skilled ping pong robot. 

  • Sexy Halloween costumes are so 2000s: mechanical costumes are what it's about. 

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  • Teamwork at it's finest.

  • Check out that suspension!

  • This simple mechanism turns pedaling into paddling. 

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  • I want one in my house. 

  • Friction welding. 


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