An Astronaut's Stunning Time Lapse Photo From International Space Station

  • photo of time lapse photo taken from international space station

    This image isn't one photo: it's actually the composite of 400 photos taken over 11 minutes, while the International Space Station was traveling over Namibia towards the Red Sea

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  • gif of time lapse taken over democratic republic of the congo from international space station

    The video shows artificial lights dotting the land and marking towns and small cities. There are also many fires burning across Angola and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Thunderstorms flash over much of North Africa, distinguishable by their purplish color and erratic movements. 

  • gif of international space station passing over earth cities lightning storms

    Above the surface of the Earth, there's a faint greenish glowing layer. This is the tracing of the upper atmosphere, and it's known as airglow

  • gif of time lapse international space station passing over cities

    The bright cities seen in the latter part of the video are Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, Jizan in Saudi Arabia, and Doha in Qatar. 


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