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Five Items On Amazon That Could Save Your Pet's Life

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    “Pets Inside” Window Clings


    In the event of a fire, natural disaster, or even a medical emergency at home, first responders should be quickly made aware of any pets inside the home. These "Pets Inside" window clings should be placed facing outward on several windows or glass doors around the home, visible at all entries. The window clings can be personalized with the number and type of pets inside (dogs, cats, birds, etc.) and include space to add special instructions or contact information in the event of an emergency. 5$ on Amazon.

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    Window Hammer

    Vehicle door

    Every year, thousands of dogs are trapped inside hot cars where they suffer excruciating pain, heat exhaustion, and death. Dog parents and dog lovers should all carry a small, inexpensive window hammer in their vehicle or pocketbook in the event they encounter a distressed dog. 10.99$ on Amazon. 

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    "My Pet is Home Alone” Wallet Card & Key Tag

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    What would happen to your cat if something happened to you? If your pets are home alone and you're involved in an accident or injury that prevents you from returning or making arrangements for their care, this wallet card and key tag could be what ultimately saves your cat's life. On Amazon.

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    Material property - Benadry ALLERGY LIQUI GELS Diphenhydramine HCI 25 mg / Antihistamine Runny Nose itchy Throat Sneezing Itchy, Watery Eyes 24 CAPSULES DYE-FREE "lqeiled capsies St CYbenree Actve norodiont made n Japan JOHNSON&JOHNSON CONSUMER INC vin CHILD-RESISTANT PACKAGING S69E00E

    Benadryl is commonly used to treat a variety of symptoms in cats and dogs, including itching, allergies, and mild cases of anxiety or motion sickness. But, Benadryl can also save your pet's life in certain emergencies. Pet parents should consider Benadryl a staple in their medicine cabinets and first aid kits. In the event of a snake bite, severe allergic reaction, life-threatening wasp stings, or similar anaphylactic reactions, Benadryl given immediately can mean the difference between life and death. 4.44$ on Amazon.

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    A Slip Leash


    How many times have you found yourself with a lost dog, trying to locate its owner? It happens to all of us! Every animal lover should keep a cheap slip lead in their car for times just like these. They act as both a leash and collar and allow you to easily restrain and control a loose dog. On Amazon.


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