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Persistent Cat Wouldn't Give Up On Joining One Family

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    According to survival instructors, it is recommended that you should stay in one place, if you're lost in the wild.


    That way, it makes the searching and rescue process much easier, and the chances of being found increases. This cat may have somehow got that memo and applied it to his very situation. 

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    The overly-friendly cat, which Breean named 'Greg', appeared at her door, she have him some kibbles and water. She noticed Greg was well-fed, which lead to her believing that this cat could be lost.

    Door - LJARDIAN Uhhh Who' s cat No seriously tho.. is this

    Breean didn't want to take him to a shelter or a vet because he didn't need any help and she hoped that this would allow his owner to find him faster. Instead, she took several photos of him, posted them on Facebook, and left him outside hoping he'd leave.

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    But Greg didn't leave.

    Cat - Yeah no bud.

    Greg planted himself outside of Breean's home, right by the window, and just stared at the family inside. It was then that the family were beginning to have some doubts behind Greg's intentions.. to get inside? To find his real owner? ..Or was it to attack the dog? (Which he did initially on that first faithful meeting with Breean.)  

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    Day 3, Greg seems to be convinced that the whole "kibble and water" solution was the correct strategy here.

    Cat - WARDIAN Ertocon rvc Day 3. Welp

    However, the Breean family thought the opposite and decided to simply ignore Greg. Not soon after, Greg seemingly disappeared, only to reappear near the back window. And this time, the meows were more convincing. 

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    As the next day came, so did Greg. Staring at the family. Stalking them when they tried walking their dog.

    Window covering - CAT. PLS GO HOME UR DRUNK No

    Breean wrote that Greg would stalk them, day or night, the Breean's would turn around and would see those glowing eyes. Both creepy and hilarious, Breean ended her Facebook post saying,  "Please for the love of God come and get him." 

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    Breean did try a few times to let Greg in, but his obvious dislike of Murphy, made her re-think that strategy.


    Breean shared pics of Greg on multiple sites, wrote a note and taped it to his collar, and she even scanned him for a microchip. 

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    On day 4, Breean eventually got word from Greg's owner. Turns out, Greg was actually Kylo from just a few blocks away!

    Cat - Guess who's baaaack.
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    The joyous reunion also occurred on day 4. Now Kylo is back in his rightful home and Breean now mentions she misses the cat and often wonders what he is up to.

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