I Can Has Cheezburger?

Pet Detective Reunites Thousands Of Pets With Owners

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    Clients pay for Jinrong's service 8,000 yuan (equivalent to $1,130), and he has a success rate of 60-70%. He currently has 10 employees working for him as well.


    Jinrong told Breaking Asia, "Most pet owners get very flustered. They don't even own a flashlight. They can only look for cats in the dark by the weak light of their phones. We have advanced equipment and accumulated cases over the years to analyse the data. We can think of 10 things to do while the owner can think of one or two."

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    When it came to one case, a missing British shorthair named DuoDuo, Jinrong went straight to work, using three thermal imaging cameras, an endoscope, and even a hand-held machine used to detect life under rubble of earthquakes!


    DuoDuo's owner,  Li Hongtao, told Jinrong, "He's family to me," when his much-loved cat was last seen in an underground garage. 

    As Jinrong walks aroung the garage, with heat detector in hand, he inspects some excrement on the floor but it's not DuoDuo's.

    "Cats have hair in their feces. The color here is not right," Sun Jinrong concludes. Then, he discovers a large clue -- paw prints! Paw prints on dusty pipes which lead Jinrong to determine DuoDuo fled to a grassy area outside. 

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    His next step was to set up speakers, blasting the owners voice, and placing DuoDuo's favorite cat door inside a grass-colored cage with a trap door.


    No luck. 

    Next step, setting up a camera sensor on a tree and wait for nightfall.

    Jinrong mostly works at night, when there's a higher chance of a lost animal emerging from hiding. And it was during the night, as Jinrong watches from within a tent. that him and his team spot a cat in the bushes. 

    It was DuoDuo! Owner Li Hongtao could barely contain his excitement when he arrived on scene and saw DuoDuo.

    "When our case is solved, it's basically a reunion," says Jinrong, adding: "It's a happy moment."

    Thank you, Sun Jinrong! A real life animal hero! 

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