I Can Has Cheezburger?

U.S. Coast Guard Rescue Poor And Exhausted Pup Struggling In The Water

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    Text - White Wave @IWhiteWave1 Replying to @USCG U.S. Coast Guard is Officially My Hero for Today Can we give a Heart felt "Shout Out" to this Team rescuing this Pup. That means so much that you all care so much for a "Pup" in distress Blessings, Prayers and love to ALL 9:08 PM · Dec 5, 2019 Twitter Web App
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    Text - Myst @SilverS86521635 Replying to @jcoff316 @USCG and @mikethompson83 Animals who get caught in the ocean often get disoriented and confused because the waves block their view of land. 5:49 PM - Dec 6, 2019 · Twitter for Android
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    Text - GeorgeWilliamHerbert @GeorgeWHerbert Replying to @USCG 12/10 pup overly ambitious but trying hard 13/10 USCG crew for assist and pupper hugs 11:21 PM Dec 6, 2019 . Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - Jordan @Dayton_Original Replying to @USCG Dog: thanks for rescuing me. Also dog: do you haz snacks in here? 2:58 AM Dec 7, 2019 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - TheLoneWolf43 @Cantseeme232 Replying to @harvey0948 @USCG and @RepLeeZeldin He was training to be the next michael pups 2:54 AM Dec 7, 2019 Twitter Web App 34 Likes KrispyChicken @KrispyChkn1st · Dec 7 Replying to @Cantseeme232 @harvey0948 and 2 others *Michael Yelps
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