I Can Has Cheezburger?

Meet The Newly Adopted Faces Of The Week (11 Images + 3 Videos)

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    "Newly adopted kitten is a water baby!"

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    "Meet happy. My coworker and I found her wandering outside the office. There is a lot of traffic there so we took her inside and our boss immediately fell in love with her. He adopted her and brings her to the office every day."

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    "Just brought him home today and I’m in love. Meet Kevin"

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    "Pupper is very happy to be riding to his new home"

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    "Jacob was only adopted a few days ago. He's still a bit unsure but he's doing his best."

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    "I've wanted a kitten for the last 5 years and my wife completely surprised me with one for Christmas!"

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    My daughter has been asking for a puppy for year and has been taking more and more responsibilities to show us she is ready. Well this year Christmas came a little early. Meet Prince."

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    Vote now for your favorite cat meme of the decade!

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    "So the wife brought this home today..."

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    "My newly adopted kittens and my 16 year old dog are getting along okay"

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  • 11

    "My wife’s dream dogo just turned into her Christmas pup."

    Dog - NCO
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    "This is Pizza, another cat that I took home from a construction site"

  • 13

    "After wanting a dog for years, I finally got one from the local rescue. Meet Penelope!"

    Dog - ESIS
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  • 14

    "I adopted her from the shelter a couple weeks ago. She’s seven and a half years old, and I wanted her to live out her golden years in luxury. She started grooming me a couple days after I brought her home. She has so much love to give!"

  • 15

    "Everybody meet Axel! After moving out and finding my own place and having a secure job, I have my first pup! I am extremely happy right now!"



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