These Web Comics About Procrastination Will Help You Focus, After You're Done Reading This List

It's good to take a break every once in a while. What's that? You just took a sandwich break five minutes ago? No problem, that thing you were supposed to do can wait until you're done reading these web comics, right?

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    But at Least You're Organized?

    Via: Mumbletimes

  • 2

    Don't Forget About Tomorrow!

    Via: owlturd

  • 3

    Priorities Are Important

    Via: sarahcandersen

  • 4

    Where'd You Find the Time to Build a Whole Time Machine Though?

    Via: hejibits

  • 5

    Of Course You Will

    Via: anemonelost

  • 6

    Great Idea!

    Via: @ZombieNTparade

  • 7

    It's a Priority

    Via: www.bitercomics.com

  • 8

    When You Procrastinate so Hard it Comes All the Way Around to Starting Early

    Via: pepperminthelmet

  • 9

    Procrastination is Tough Thing to Write About

    Via: Dorris McComics

  • 10

    This Happens Every Time You Start Working on a Paper

    Via: Leftover Salad

  • 11

    Don't Put Off Having Fun

    Via: Stoopid Comic

  • 12

    I'll Come Up With Another Word For Procrastinator Later

    Via: Invisible Bread

  • 13

    You and Me Both, Brother

    Via: PHD Comics

  • 14

    The Fully Comprehensive List of Procrastinator Types

    Via: 20PX

  • 15

    Whenever a Test Comes Up

    Via: Owl My God

  • 16

    There Are Two Kinds of People in This World

    Via: Mandatory Roller Coaster

  • 17

    That'll Be the Day

  • 18

    Procrastination is a Vital Skill

    Via: Pie Comic
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