Twitter Users Share Amazing "Facts" About What Was Going on in the World Last Time the Cubs Won the World Series

Of course, after the most recent win they should probably update that sentence.

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    It Started With People Like Neil DeGrasse Tyson Sharing Arbitrary Facts About the World Over 100 Years Ago

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    Via: neiltyson
    He's got a million of 'em.

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    Then People Got Sick of the Factoids...

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    Via: bechang8

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    And Started Trolling With Fake Facts

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    Via: ditzkoff

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    Via: reiyashi

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    via jfrumkin, FlickNickmStros,Ehmee,superdeluxe,BadAstronomer,GhostPanther

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    Okay, This One is Actually True, Though

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    Via: flowrmeadow
    It's hard to tell the difference for some of them because the world really was so different in 1908.
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