21 Times Pokemon Games Were Oddly Sexual

Like most things from your childhood, the Pokemon games weren't always what they seemed to be. The games were stuffed with subtle (and not so subtle) sexual innuendo.

However, players have noticed that Pokemon Sun and Moon have taken this to an entire new level.

So here's a round up of most of the innuendos from throughout the series, ending with some (theres a lot) from Sun and Moon.
And yeah, we saved the most insane one for last.

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    We'll just go ahead and put this one from X & Y first.

    Cheezburger Image 8992092416
    Via CandyEvie
    Uhh, what?
    Honestly there is so much innuendo in these games it would be easier to make a list about times there wasn't. Alright, now back to the older games.

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    Via pokemon
    The classic (and comparatively tame) old man

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    Via Pokemon

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    Via pokemon
    Seriously Fire Red and Leaf Green were full of these.

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    This Couple's Pokemon...

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    Via pokemon
    "Wow what a coincidence! They just happen to have these two Pokemon!"

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    Cheezburger Image 8992082688
    Via pokemon

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    Cheezburger Image 8992083968
    Via pokemon

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    Via CandyEvie

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    Via pokemon

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    Cheezburger Image 8992080896
    Via pokemon

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    Via Pokemon
    Seriously, the setting and everything this takes place in makes this one totally 'wtf'.

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    Sure lady..

    And now the Sun and Moon ones begin...

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    Cheezburger Image 8992086016
    Via /r/gaming

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    Via /r/gaming
    Uh. No?

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    Cheezburger Image 8992086528
    Via /r/gaming

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    Cheezburger Image 8992086784
    Via r/gaming

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    Pokeball Chick Returns

    Seriously, there are so many bikini jokes in this game.

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    Uh, what?

    Cheezburger Image 8992087552
    Yeah, we're not even going to go into this one.

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    My body is ready.

    Cheezburger Image 8992088320
    When your memes go too far...

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    These upcoming ones take the cake.

    Cheezburger Image 8992088064
    C'mon Nintendo.

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    Via /r/gaming

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    Via imgur
    And Nintendo throws subtlety out the window.
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