The Bee Movie Ends Up Inspiring People to Dream Up a Ton of Wild Things That Could Happen the Next Time Someone Says "Bee"

There's been no shortage of inspired fans coming forwards to offer up their own weird (awesome) takes on The Bee Movie. From replacing the actual word 'bee' to getting rid of it altogether, let's just say we definitely should've seen this twitter thread coming. So we must ask, what if Bee Movie wasn't quite what it seems?

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    Can't leave this gem out, sad as it is.

    Via: That One Ghost Named Asdfghjkl

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    Annd of course, Bee Movie is so much easier to watch when it speeds up every time they say "Bee"

    Via: Avoid at All Costs
    Clocking in at just barely over seven minutes long, they must have said "bee" a lot. 
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