Reddit Reveals 16 Myths That Are Frequently Repeated But Just Aren't True

Your mama taught you well, but probably not that well. 

The world is filled with fake facts, and their spread is pervasive. So we put some of the best untrue but repeated myths in one easy-to-read place. Check out more over at Reddit, but for the 16 best, scroll away 

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    Loch this myth up in jail.

    Via: highly_caffinated


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    What's black and white and red all over? Not dogs with red fur.

    Via: dirtbiker206


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    Bust my hump for myths like this.

    Via: Throwaway8658344

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    Exploding this myth.

    Via: dirtbiker206


  • 5

    I think Copernicus busted this myth.

    Via: DarkWingDarling

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    This one's, literally, for the birds.

    Via: dose_response

  • 7

    This myth stuck around

    Via: andhix

  • 8

    Haven't you ever heard of a lightning rod?

    Via: Back2Bach

  • 9

    This one stings.

    Via: Red_AtNight

  • 10

    Scratching that itch

    Via: Rigatoni_Zamboni

  • 11

    I've based my life on a lie.

    Via: LifeOnHardMode

  • 12

    Seems ironic, but Walt didn't make Frozen nor is he frozen.

    Via: SouthAussie94

  • 13

    Sorry, bats, there can only be one blind superhero, and it's Daredevil

    Via: MrAnthem

  • 14
    Via: OverlordQuasar

  • 15

    What's the point of even going to space???

    Via: swordfischh

  • 16

    Thank GOD this is a myth.

    Via: Anusluvr666


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    If only...

    Via: Reddit-Loves-Me
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