Cure for the Mondays: 15 Office Fails to Start Your Week

Mondays are the worst. You don't need me telling you. So sometimes, you just need to get that workday frustration out, and that's what we're here to do. Check out some of the best workplace fails, wins, and trolls money can buy.

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    Freshly Squeezed!

    Via: Feriluce

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    At Least it Didn't Blue Screen Again

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    What to Do With That Broken Printer

    Via: SlimSt

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    Sucks to Be Everyone

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    We Appreciate the Honesty

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    In Case You Missed It...

    Via: xaxor

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    Gee, Thanks Guys!

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    Forget a Resume, This Office MacGuyver Will Improve Your Office ASAP

    Via: ObligatoryCreativity

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    Did You Get Those Memos?

    Via: cmooo

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    Office Troll Gets Trolled

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    How to Piss Off Everyone at the Office

    Via: deltahokie

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    Every Office Needs One, but Who is Brave Enough to Pull it?

    Via: Acid Cow

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    Business as Usual for Windows

    Via: Acid Cow

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    New Intern in The Office

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