Chris Evans Is Engaged In Amazing Twitter War With A White Supremacist, and People Are Calling It Most 2017 Thing Ever

It's as if Evans is battling it out with the 'Red Skull' himself. A word to the wise, a Twitter Pro Tip if you will: maybe don't go after Captain America himself, unless you're ready for a solid ass-whooping. 

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    For starters, Chris Evans has always been about vocalizing his beliefs on the Twitter:

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    Via: @ChrisEvans/

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    Since last year's election, he's held nothing back in the way of condemning Donald Trump and the alt-right:

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    Via: @ChrisEvans

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    Most recently, he's been going at it with David Duke, a US white supremacist and former Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan

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    Via: @ChrisEvans

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    Since then, Duke's directed a series of incendiary tweets at Evans, calling him a 'dumb actor' and supportive of 'jewish extremists'

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    Via: @ChrisEvans

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    Via: @DrDavidDuke

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    On Sunday, Duke tweeted several photos of Evans with celebrities, suggesting it shows he hates white women:

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    Via: @DrDavidDuke

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    Evans punched back with the perfect response:

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    Via: @ChrisEvans

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    People definitely loved it.

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    Via: @Sedna_51

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    Queue up the parallels between Evans and his character

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    Via: @hodgesart

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    Via: @Hectorisfunny

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    Via: @montrezmusic

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    And of course, people that it was the most 2017 thing ever to happen

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    Via: @ZeddRebel

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    Via: @maloonds

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