Top 10 Craigslist Cat Memes

Craigslist is a strange place online that has many elements of society, some of which may be funny to some of us. Examples:

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    Fat Kitten Free on Craigslist:

    Fat kitten free on Craigslist
    Via: Fightmilk22

    Kitten is fat and free, but not fat free. Ain't nothing free that is fat free!

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    When your secret on Craigslist is bad. Real bad.

    Funny Whisper comment about someone who claims they go on Craigslist and look at kitten pictures when they are sad.
    Via: Funny Cats

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    Ferocious Attack Kitten!

    Craigslist ferocious attack kitten
    Via: Fight Milk 22

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    Sorry Boss, gotta cat orgy on my car going on.

    Cat orgy that must have taken months on Craigslist for these cats to organize.
    Via: fightmilk22

    'Must have taken them months to organize it on Cat Craigslist'

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    What is a 'knocked up whore' doing on Craigslist!

    Craigslist post for knocked up whore of a cat that is free to a good home.
    Via: FightMilk22

    Note to self: Would be a really sad evening to research all instances of "knocked up whore" on Craigslist.

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    Maths is hard sometimes.

    Bad math in this Craigslist ad for a free kitten for $5
    Via: FightMilk22

    CRAIGSLIST: No ads for kittens unless it is for free.

    USER: Define free

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    Dog Sells Cat

    Dog goes on Craigslist and gives away the cat.
    Via: Cheezburger

    For a low price to a good home.

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    Cat Sells Dog

    Cat goes on the computer, logs onto Craigslist, and sells the dog for a good price.
    Via: FightMilk22

    For a good price on Craigslist.

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    Craigslist cats are typically alive, but...

    Craigslist posting for a vintage stuffed cat for sale with legit sounding back story.
    Via: fightmilk22

    The back story is what really seals the deal for me.

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    Craigslist cat confessions

    Screen grab of a well known Craigslist post of a person who claims to have accidentally stolen someones cat and wants to return it.
    Via: Cheezburger

    Confess your cat transgressions and be absolved fur-ever!

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