15 of Today's Funniest Memes

Male rompers are still on the meme menu. 

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    Funny meme about being drunk and taking home a 6 and waking up with a 2, with pics of Amy Schumer and Mad Dog Bounty Hunter
    Via: @svagelj

  • 2
    Meme of cute puppy dog with CNN headline about pope Francis saying dogs can go to heaven.
    Via: shitheadsteve

  • 3
    Brutal meme of Putin texting Trump to come over, who says he can't because he is being accused of treason, Putin sends a pic of him wearing a romber and we see Air Force One flying very fast.
    Via: sean_speezy

  • 4
    Michael Jordan playing ping pong in orange shirt and blue jeans as Larry Birds is getting drunk on the floor.
    Via: fakeyeezyboots

  • 5
    Simpson zoom in of reading "am i disabled' book and captioned about the feeling of forgetting to attach an attachment.
    Via: thebraintickle

  • 6
    Girl with bright red hair and a white bikini that has a tattoo on her but that looks like the date-stamp on organic eggs.
    Via: stuffthatlookslikestuff

  • 7
    Funny reaction images of Michael Cera and a joke about him being awkward at Domino's
    Via: superlazyrobot

  • 8
    Meme about the goodness of pop-tarts.
    Via: dabmoms

  • 9
    Meme of a girl with oiled up hands and a guy wearing a flamboyant romper, making fun of a similar meme but reversing the gender roles.
    Via: shitheadsteve

  • 10
    Bananas for sale marked as Long Yellow Things.
    Via: friendofbae

  • 11
    Tweet of a girl who put a specific time in an The Office episode as her yearbook quote, which was a moment Michael Scott said 'Should have burned this place down when I had the chance.'
    Via: donny.drama

  • 12
    Meme about morbid thoughts when you see ground Chuck for sale in the grocery store and image it is your friend Chuck.
    Via: middleclassfancy

  • 13
    Funny meme of Kermit and Evil Kermit about wanting to sleep a few more minutes.
    Via: superlazyrobot

  • 14
    Meme of a kid barfing water in a fountain captioned about wanting to go out for some beers VS 4am later that night.
    Via: memezar

  • 15
    Meme of accepting death but with a caption changed as a way of dealing with someone who you love that have no chance with, ever.
    Via: hoesgivenofucks
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