"Don't Freak Out! It's Just a Mask!"

The character models for Michael Bay's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are here, and let's face it: they're weird. Like, enough-to-make-Megan-Fox-faint weird.

Luckily, the internet came to the rescue and put forth a bunch of potential redesigns of the Turtles' faces for the final cut of the movie.

Michael Bay, please get on this.

  • Here's the original official trailer.

    Via: CBMTrailers
  • And the original face.

    Via: imgur
  • Youtube animator Bowz posted this response.

    Via: Bowz
  • And the rest of the internet then came to the rescue.

    Via: AJ Jefferies
  • It's just the Dark Lord!

    Via: Ricepirate
  • It's just a tortoise!

    Via: TwistedGrimTV
  • It's just Megan Fox!

    Via: EpicFaceFist
  • It's just my Magnum dong!

    Via: ThePivotsXXD
  • It's just FATALITY!

    Via: Drawesometoons
  • It's just a Muppet!

    Via: JRoneyMedia
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