The 10 Best Captions From Our "Caption This" Challenge!

We asked our Facebook community to caption the photo below and the results were HILARIOUS! In fact, they did so good that we decided to make a list of 10 of them. For more you can check out the original post. Think you can do better? go to our builder and submit it to our site. We promise to check it.

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  • 1
    Cat walking away from explosion meme - You may want to wait a while to scoop out that litter box
    Via: Holly Martin Kay

  • 2
    Cat seems to have nuked the red dot in this meme.
    Via: Brandy Dillensneider

  • 3
    Cat meme about how cool guy's walk away from the explosion, without looking back like a nerd.
    Via: Carrie Becker

  • 4
    Cat walking away from an explosion captioned alluding that is what happened to the last person that displeased this cat.
    Via: Andrew McCulloch

  • 5
    Cat walking away from smoke explosion and denying that he pushed any red button or even anywhere near a red button.
    Via: Evelyn Renken

  • 6
    Chaos Mayhem Destruction cat meme
    Via: Mikey Sojourn

  • 7
    Cat leaving hater behind with big explosion behind him.
    Via: Gabriela Arriagada Bruneau

  • 8
    Cat walking away from explosion with caption joking that Chinese food does that to him when you don't have Fresh Step
    Via: Shuman Kenneth

  • 9
    Cat blaming huge explosion behind him on the dog.
    Via: Jacqueline Moseley

  • 10
    Cat walking away from explosion and saying we are gonna need a bigger litter box.
    Via: Jessica Wallace
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