What Happens When a Dad Asks the Internet to Photoshop His Baby?

Questionably-named Redditor c%mtruck received these instructions from his wife: "If you're going to use pictures of our son [on the internet], PLEASE don't post it under your c%mtruck username."
So much for that. C%mtruck got the ball rolling with a few of his own ideas, and then the internet was off and running.

  • The Original

    Via: c**truck
  • Who needs TWO skis?

    Via: c**truck
  • No, kid, you're supposed to have your arms OUT, like everyone else.

    Via: c**truck
  • It's not an internet phenomenon until this reference has been made.

    Via: c**truck
    IT'S OVER 9000!
  • It's a bird! It's a plane!

    Via: c**truck
    No, it's Superbaby! (Who, like Superman before him, bears absolutely no resemblance to either a bird or a plane.)
  • All hail the Baby Lord of the Dance.

    Via: c**truck
  • Once the gauntlet had been dropped, others applied their own skills to the photo.

    Via: AWildGifAppeared_
  • And carried it to a few illogical conclusions.

    Via: Hawfinch
    Eagles are not known to prey on babies.
  • It's ALWAYS aliens.

    Via: nickandross
  • Babies are always an inspiring sight.

    Via: _Hippy_
  • When someone commented that the previous submission reminded them of the Teletubbies sun, the result was this.

    Via: osrule86
  • He's coming for you.

    Via: Opset
  • "Am I doing it right?"

    Via: JordanRedditting
  • You can always trust Rafiki with your baby.

    Via: datbanter
  • "You need BOTH feet to stay balanced? Ha!"

    Via: Larzak
  • One day you're tossing them up in the air, the next day...

    Via: Doebino
    Kids grow up too quickly.
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