The Best Part About Dating Cap'n Crunch? He Always Makes You Breakfast the Morning After!

Apparently Cap'n Crunch and Chrissy Teigen Have a sweet little thing going on, and I'm not talking about crunch-berries. The salty sea-dog was seen cavorting around the beach with the swimsuit model and let's just say they were treating each other like the most important meal of the day.

I wonder what John Legend thinks of all this?

  • It Starts Innocently Enough...

    Via: Cap'n Crunch
  • Via: Cap'n Crunch
    Just a couple cute photos, clearly just two professionals out for a photoshoot.
  • But Eventually His Chivalrous Nature Wins Her Over

    Via: Cap'n Crunch
  • Via: Cap'n Crunch
    And, the next thing you know it's all makeouts and cuddle-parties. The Cap'n is one smooth operator.
    Poor John Legend, he just can't compete with that.
  • But the Day Out Takes a Nasty Turn When the Paparazzi Shows Up

    Via: TMZ
    You don't often see the angry side of Cap'n Crunch, but NEVER threaten a sea captain's lady. NEVER.
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