Do Those Baby Photos Flooding Your Feed Look a Little Different Lately?

Parents may have been engaging in the "draw eyebrows on your baby" fad. Join in!
(H/T Mashable and HuffPo.)

  • The rules are simple.

    Via: dorkpunk
  • There's no wrong way to do it. Try thick brows...

    Via: fiestauby
  • ...or thinner ones.

    Via: visualsweep
  • Via: jimreaper6
  • Symmetric...

    Via: penguinrunaway
  • ...or not.

    Via: coejean
  • Try multiple looks in one session.

    Via: wtfnl
  • Mustaches are optional.

    Via: danndolce
  • (The mustache here isn't drawn on, but I'll allow it.)

    Via: mindywhitesings
  • Via: bettybluberry123
  • Take it one step further and add chest hair.

    Via: shelbyloveland
  • Your baby may be angry when she finally sees and understands these photos.

    Via: CitiesOfGold
  • Via: Finder's Creepers FB Page
  • Watch your back once she gets old enough to start scheming up a plan for revenge.

    Via: 12yeardungeon
    That baby is up to something, and it involves that highlighter.
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